Mar 22, 2014

Follow me on INSTAGRAM, and updates... Sort of!

Finally caved and created an instagram account, where I will post all bookish pics! Woo Whoo! hahaha!

Yep, that's right... Yet another social media distraction :D hahaha! 



But it will save me from the BOOK PAIN SYNDROME *dun dun dun!*
(If you're a fellow book lover, you KNOW what I'm taking about!)

Haven't really had anytime to post reviews, even though I've been on spring break. I have been reading a TON, and I still have my March giveaway going on, it's not too late to enter. I recently finished 50 Shades of Grey... took me FOREVER and a half!, but I did it! 

When I first started reading, this was my exact reaction!

After I finished, I won't lie, I checked out book 2 ratings on goodreads and I decided that I might as well give it a try!

I'm currently trying to finish past unfinished series.... That's a mouthful. Try something that 10x's fast... I'm working on  the DIVERGENT series (saw the movie, it ROCKEDDDDD!), and the LUX series by Jennifer Armentrout. I'll keep you posted via twitter.

Have a fabulous week!

Mar 2, 2014

March 2014 DEBUT Giveaway

Hellloooo everyone! *waves*

Soooooo It's been FOREVER and a half since I've done a giveaway so I decided that IT'S TIME! :D hahaha! What a better giveaway than a MARCH DEBUT giveaway! YAY! *throws confetti*

"What do I win?"--
Winner will get his/her choice of ONE of the books below. Open internationally as long as the Book Depository ships to you. You can check here.  

"How do I enter?"-- 
All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter down below. You get one entry for leaving a comment, and the rest are EXTRA :D  

**Note, if you're wondering, "Who the heck is @w_ramos54 and why should I follow him?"... Will (my cousin) is a sophomore in HS and is NEW to the YA genre. I think it would be nice for him to get some positive feedback when it comes to READING. I don't know if you've heard, but apparently "reading" is considered a "nerdy" trait to have, and is totally "uncool"! Especially for males.... *gasp!* *shocked* *appalled* 

-_- Yep, I know, LAME!

I just thought it would be nice for him to talk to people who actually understand his new fond love for reading. I know I've been in his shoes, and it was always nice to log in to twitter and chat with complete strangers that soon turned into friends, and all because of our love for BOOKS! So if you want, go ahead and show him some "nerd" love ;)

So without further adieu... Here it is :D Talk soon!

Lots of love,

Feb 20, 2014

Review: Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

Title: Silence (Hush, Hush #3)
Author: Becca Fitzpatrick
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Pages: 448
Source: Own Hardcover

My Rating:

Nora Grey can't remember the past five months of her life. After the initial shock of waking up in a cemetery and being told that she has been missing for weeks - with no one knowing where she was or who she was with - she tried to get her life back on track. Go to school, hang out with her best friend, Vee, and dodge mom's creepy new boyfriend.

But there is this voice in the back of her head, an idea that she can almost reach out and touch. Visions of angel wings and unearthly creatures that have nothing to do with the life she knows.

And this unshakable feeling that a part of her is missing.

Then Nora crosses paths with a sexy stranger, whom she feels a mesmerizing connection to. He seems to hold all the answers...and her heart. Every minute she spends with him grows more and more intense until she realizes she could be falling in love. Again.

I'm so sad. I LOVED Hush Hush #1! Absolutely loved it! Book two was ok, but now I feel like the series is just going down hill. I don't know if I should pick up book 4 :( Any advice?

Well, on to my review. I liked this book, I really did. Picjs up right after book 2, Nora can't remember anything (and yes, that includes Patch <3). I'll be honest and admit I felt a little annoyed during half the book because of the fact that I KNEW MORE than the protagonist herself. In book 2 Nora was really annoying, but I'm happy to say she's improved in this one.... (mostly because she couldn't remember who she was :)hahaha!)... The romance between Nora and Patch is believable, but I was left wanting more!!

The plot/action was what saved this book for me! Fitzpatrick has created a twisted awesome world of angels and unearthly creatures! The ending was a cliff hanger (I expected it) but it was manageable! I'm just really afraid they'll mess up the final book... Hopefully I'm wrong.

All in all, I will finish the series but just because of PATCH <3

Feb 4, 2014

Review: Hallowed by Cynthia Hand

Title: Hallowed (Unearthly #2)
Author: Cynthia Hand
Publisher: HarperTeen
Pages: 406
Source: Own Hardcover

My Rating:

For months Clara Gardner trained to face the fire from her visions, but she wasn't prepared for the choice she had to make that day. And in the aftermath, she discovered that nothing about being part angel is as straightforward as she thought.

Now, torn between her love for Tucker and her complicated feelings about the roles she and Christian seem destined to play in a world that is both dangerous and beautiful, Clara struggles with a shocking revelation: Someone she loves will die in a matter of months. With her future uncertain, the only thing Clara knows for sure is that the fire was just the beginning.

Rarely is the sequel ever as good as the original, but I am PROUD to say that Ms. Hand has accomplished the impossible! I loved this book MORE than I loved Unearthly... This series is a truly unique and interesting story. I was really afraid this book was going to be more of a filler (2nd books usually are, right?) but NOPE!

This book continues right after the big "fire" and revealing in book one. Fans of Tucker should worry not, for he is still around and gets plenty of Clara time. But the inedible does happen... the love triangle. Believe me when I say that I'm not the biggest fan of love triangles, but it worked perfectly in Hallowed. And that's saying something because I flippin' loved Tucker in book one, but guess what? I don't know HOW, but Ms. Hand managed to have me going CRAZY for Christian... Idk. My feelings are all over the place! This book is a perfect example of what all paranormal romances should be like!

I don't want to give too much away but the ending B. R. O. K. E my Corazon </3 WHY?! If you've read book one, but haven't had time to pick up book two, DO IT NOW! I put it off for sometime bc personally, book one was an ok read, but I'm kicking my own butt for not having picked it up sooner. If you read it soon, come back and comment... let me know how it treats you! :)


Jan 8, 2014

Book Boyfriend (5)

Just a meme to talk about some of my favorite, "Book Boyfriends" :) Here you will read about who my current book boyfriend is, as well as some stats and a picture! OF COURSE, who can forget, the swoon worthy quotes! (Original credit goes to Missie over at The Unread Reader.)

My book boyfriend this week:
from THE BODY FINDER series

Name: Jay Heaton

Age: 16/17

Description: What I like best about Jay is that there are no specific descriptions of him. All we know is that during a, “summer metamorphosis”, he has become Hot with a capital H, but there are no specific hair or eye colors given.

* Likes to wear hoodies & backpacks.
* Silly sideways grin
* Strong arms, big shoulders
* Best friends with Violet since they were 6 years old
* First kissed Violet in 5th grade, but immediately both swore off kissing because they were so grossed out.

* Gracious in the face of defeat by Violet.
* Helped Violet bury dead things without question from an early age because he seemed to understand her gifts.
* Driven to school every day by Violet.
* Went unnoticed by girls for most of his life, but suddenly ‘got hot’ over a summer break and started attracting a fan club at school, including the most popular girl in school, Lissie Adams.
* Insists on carrying Violet home when she fell down, and looked after her scrapes too.

What I like best about Jay:
You know what’s sexy? A guy who doesn’t need to be in charge all the time. A guy who respects his girlfriend too much to push things physically, even when he could get away with it. A guy who’s not afraid to let his girlfriend’s family know that they’re together because he loves Violet so much. A guy who, when necessary, will step up and protect Violet physically. A guy who takes care of the house for his Mom, because he’s the only man of the house. A guy who is sweet, gorgeous, and amazing, but is completely unaware of his own charm.

Swoon worthy quotes:
“I was just waiting for you to want me as much as I wanted you.” 

"Yeah," he agreed enthusiastically. "That's why I was so jealous. I wanted to be the one finding dead bodies. You were like an animal detective or something. You were only weird' cause you were a girl." He grinned. "But I learned to overlook that, since you always took me on such cool adventures."

Jay had been the one who kept Violet sane. He slipped candy bars into her backpack for her to find and left little notes in her locker just to let her know he was thinking about her. She leaned on him every step of the way, and he never once complained. 

He's jail-bait :(
Le sigh....

Who's your book byfriend this week? ;)haha!
Catch ya'll laterrrrr!

Jan 7, 2014

Blog tour: Review & Giveaway! WALKER by Michelle Flick

Title: Walker
Author: Michelle Flick
Publisher: Indie Author
Pages: 247
Source: ebook Nook

My Rating: 

Kate isn’t thrilled to be moving to the middle of nowhere. She's already lost her parents, now she's leaving the only place she's ever known as home. She’s not there long when she realizes her dreams aren’t her own and that she has the ability to walk through other people's dreams. Not only that, but she might have found her dream guy--literally. He's in her dreams.
Just when she starts to get the hang of dream walking, strange murders in her new town start to occur. Girls are being killed as they sleep with no evidence, no suspects and no clear motive behind the deaths. It doesn’t take Kate very long to realize that the girls aren’t just being killed as they sleep—they’re being killed in their sleep. Kate must figure out how to find the killer in the real world and keep the ones she loves safe while they sleep.

MY REVIEW (which can also be seen as a fan-girling rant) CONTAINS SLIGHT SPOILERS.... 

Read at your own risk!

New town, new school, new start... Hey, it's tough.Especially when you have Cruella DeVille Junior hunting you down for stealing her boyfriend.... hahaha! Ok you guys, I am in love with this book! BUT before I say anything else, lets begin with the basics...

Meet Kate, average HS student, but a bit of brat (I blamed it on her grieving process... I mean, the girl just lost her parents). The thing about Kate is that she has an extraordinary "gift", she's a dream walker, she has the ability to "walk" through other peoples' dreams... At first Kate brushes it off as her own nightmares, but when she starts seeing the people from her "dreams", at school, things take a turn down creepy lane. Things get even worse, when girls from Kate's HS start dying in their sleep. The question on everyone's mind... WTF is going on?

Ok... NOW, let's talk about what I LOVED! --

Kate, she's flawed and far from perfect. She considers Elise her best friend but at the same time keeps her distance. She’s very determined, smart and witty… but you know what I liked best about her? That she is NOT weak.

Jesse, Kate's sister, is just awesome. Her and Fergie, LOVED them both! I connected most with Jesse, I loved her character and saw how hard she was trying to keep her family together after their parents tragic car accident.

Kate slowly grew on me as a character; the more I got to know her, the more I started to care about her... Next thing I know, I found myself yelling at my nook, "NO KATE! DON'T FALL ASLEEP!".... I really was worried about her every time she went to sleep.

Which brings me to my next point, the dream walking... SCARY as HELL! Every time Kate went into a dream, I wrapped the blanket around me a lot tighter! That paranormal twist really did give it the perfect, "edge of your seat" creep factor. I couldn't wait til the dream was over and Kate got out safely.

At times, while Kate was at school mostly, I felt like I was reading about typical YA cliche aspects; typical mean girl (evil blond girl, who does the impossible to patronize Kate), cocky male lead (sort of; Colton, gorgeous and he knows it). But what I like best about them all was the dialogue. Real and genuine! I freaking loved Elise, Kate's best friend! She was hilarious! The perfect voice of a high school teenager! And trust me, I should know! I deal with them everyday ;) She was funny, loyal, true... What more can you ask for. JCru was as evil as mean girls come... Think of her as a Regina George from MEAN GIRLS. Every scene with her was just so, ugh.

This was my reaction every time she opened her mouth... Yeah, she was that bad.

The killer!? Never saw it coming. I mean, don't get me wrong, there was an instant where I thought I had figured it out, but I was wrong. When things started to get more personal (aka. Elise. Don't want to give too much away), I was actually scared. I literally stopped reading the book several times to look outside my hallway or under the bed. It's been a while since a book actually got under my skin...

Now, let's talk boys....
Nick. Oh.Em.Gee. NICK! 
Where do I even begin? 

Yep, that's him! That's my version of NICK<3 Speaking of Nick… Dear Lord, please bring me Nick wrapped up for Christmas this year. Amen….. (my book boyfriend prayer, haha!) But seriously, let me just take a minute to swoon! I just absolutely LOVED him! I tend to have high expectations for my leading men, and Nick fit every single one (and more!). Kate’s attraction to Nick is so relatable that it kind of hurts your heart to read about it. The only bad part is that he doesn’t show up until 50-something pages in. Info on him is very scarce in the beginning, but that's ok, because it just adds to his sexy mysteriousness (<-- is that even a word?). The romance between him and Kate is expertly crafted and left me both satisfied and urging for more…. Like, for real. I NEED more Kate and Nick ! If you like your fictional men to be stubborn but sexy as hell, Nick's the guy for you!

Overall, I'd like to let you all know that my mind has been on WALKER mode for the past couple of days. AND I LOVE IT! <3 Great story, great characters, overall flippin' GREAT book!... Yes! It was THAT good! Only bad part; IT ENDED! (BTW, great flippin' ending too! *bravo, Michlle, Bravo*)

Don't know if there is going to be a part two, I can totally see the story continue.... might just have to tweet Michelle to find out ;) Sooooo.... All in all, do us all a favor and enter the giveaway below, trust me when I say this is one book you don't want to miss!

Rafflecopter a Rafflecopter giveaway

About the author:
Michelle Flick lives in Western New York with her family. She teaches 8th grade ELA and is a lover of coffee, dogs, and music. You can find Michelle on Facebook, twitter and on her blog:

About the dog:
Fergie is real! She is a 5-year-old collie. She hates tiled floors, loves the outside, and is never far from her family members. She is as loving and loyal as the Fergie in the novel!